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Unique Student Identifier


What is a USI? 

A USI is a reference number made up of numbers and letters required by all students undertaking nationally recognised training, including secondary students doing Vocational Education Training (VET). 
This unique number will stay with an individual for life; allowing them to create a secure online record of the achieved training and qualifications they have achieved (in Australia). 

Who needs a USI?

All students undertaking a full or partial certificate course (national recognised training) are required to have a USI at the time of their enrolment.  If you do not have a USI your enrolment will not be recognised and you will not receive a qualification or statement of attainment for you study. 

How do I create a USI?

Watch this video for assistance to create your USI:
NOTE: Once you have created your USI you need to keep a copy for your records and inform the school so that it can be recorded on your student OneSchool profile for future reference. 

What if I have a USI but I can’t remember it?                                  

When you apply for a USI you create an account.  You simply need to provide the information that you initially used to create your account.  To search for a forgotten USI:
You will be provided with prompts to recall your supplied information.